It's a tiny speck. Hello,

Welcome to whatever this is.

For a while now I wanted to start a blog again. I had blogs before, back in the early 2000s, but which have long been offline. And I've had failed restart attempts ever since. This was partially because every time I started, I had my name behind them: I felt my blogs had to be serious, respectful, important. This pretence never really brought me anything other than frustration and wasted time.

Because I was not writing about what I wanted, the way I wanted. I was afraid of the repercussions. Or worse, of having none, of being completely ignored in a world with billions of eye balls. Fuck that! The main reason for this blog is for me to try and continue to become a better version of myself. For that to happen, there is no need for likes or other fake types of validation. This is not social media and I'm not writing to make anyone feel entertained for five seconds.

To write is to think. Writing forces you to at least try to convey your ideas with clarity and to develop them. Or to make you realise what you were thinking makes no sense whatsoever. I want to improve my thinking, therefore I write. And I'm writing in public because it helps put some pressure on my writing habits. The fact that maybe, just maybe, someone might see this makes me want to be diligent about it.

Now let's see how far this tiny speck of the Internet goes.